_ Positions

International Sales

_ Applicants

Age 20 to 35, Prior experience advantageous, English-language ability required

_ Compensation

Negotiable with due consideration to experience and ability. Training period required.

_ Work Location

Third Stone Co., Ltd.

_ Work Conditions

Complete social insurance / AWL / Travel expenses / Staff discount

_ Holidays

Saturday, Sunday, Japanese Holidays, Year-end and New Year holidays

_ Employment Details

Full-time employee (with triaal period)

_ How to enter

Please send CV with your picture attached by mail.
Required contents : Work experience ( including outside work ) / Cover letter

Third Stone Co., Ltd.
B1F 3-3-13 Sendagaya Shibuya Tokyo 1510051 JAPAN
Phone : +81 (0)3.5728.4900

After reviewing applications, we will get back to successful applicants for interviews.
Please note that the application will not be returned.